1 X Survival Camping Emergency Fire Starter Flint Match Lighter Plastic Cylinder KeyChain Square

£11.95 (as of 19th March 2019, 2:36 am)

Waterproof and durable
Light weight
Easy to carry


Light weight
Easy to carry
Waterproof and durable
Material: stainless steel, ABS
Color: black
Size: 6.5cm (height) x 1.5cm (diameter)
Package Includes: 1 x fire starter
The lighter accommodates flammable oil, so keep out of reach of children.
Don’t put your fingers under flint when the usage of ti Keep away from any scratch.
Keep the flame away from the lighter, blow out the flame after use fairly than inserting the striking rod into the lighter.
Keep away from long exposure to sunshine or a place where temperature is over 45℃.
Don’t keep the lighter burning longer than 10 seconds.
Fasten up the screw when you do not use the lighter any longer, or oil will volatilize.
Don’t keep the usage of the lighter if you find oil insufficient, e.g. The flame is tiny and the lighter becomes difficult to ignite, or wick may get wom.
Dispose of out the striking rod and fill slowly through the open end. Don’t overfill the lighter.
Easy methods to Use
Hold the lighter to by the side with your left hand and Dispose of out the striking rod.
Turn the lighter to a right position as a way to use striking rod with your right hand.
Strike forcibly the flint with the striking rod to ignite.
Smooth strike at the flint could increase flint the usage of times.
Waterproof and durable
Light weight
Easy to carry

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