10 +2 FREE 12 Bags MAGNESIUM Emergency Fire Starter Shavings Camping Back Pack



FREE SHIPPING This is not floor sweepingsor scrap Mag 10 Bags of Magnesium+2 FREE BAGS of Mag99.9% Pure MgEmergency Fire StarterAlready Shaved Metal Mag Shavings Each Bag will start approx. 5 to 10 Fires Bag Size:Packaged in Heavy Duty 2″ x 2″ (Flat) Bags IMPORTANTOur Magnesium is 99.9% Pure Mgand is Safe to Store and Carryin your Home and Car Guaranteedto Light using your Flint Striker and to light, Wet or Dry Tip for IgnitionIf your using a cheap ChineseFlint Striker, Don’t… They don’t workThey mix Metals and the Spark isn’t Hot enoughWe recommend a Gryll’s or Gerber Flint Striker Sold By:Volume, Not By Weight Ships as:Shreds, Chips, Powder and Spiralsfor Safe and Stable Shipping PAYMENT: PayPal, Credit Cards, e-checks and more…SHIPPING: $FREE for the first 12 Bags, $FREE for each additional 12 Bags.. Includes Shipping Confirmation and Tracking Number sent to your email… ALWAYS IN STOCK and READY TO SHIP… Per eBay, because this is a “Fire Starter”, NO PO BOXES, If you have a PO Box just add your Physical Address, but leave your PO BoxThe item will be shipped such that it complies with all USPS regulations and this item will be shipped ORM-D.. This item MUST Ship GROUND and may take 7 to 10 Days to arrive. Ships to the Lower USA 48 ONLY, NO INTERNATIONAL SHIPPING. Requires a Physical Street Address. *Christmasmagnesiun, magnessium, magnesuim, magnesiu, magnesim, magnesum, magnsium, manesiummagnesiun, magmesium, magnezium, magnessium, magnesuim, magneisum, magensium, magnesiu, magnesim, magnesum, magnsium, magesium, manesium

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