4 Large Tubes MAGNESIUM Emergency Fire Starter Camping Prepper Mag BOB Survival



FREE SHIPPING These are not floor sweepingsor scrap Mag 4 Large Tubes of Magnesium99.9% Pure Mag MgAlready Shaved, so you don’t have to. Each Tube will start approx. 5 to 10 FiresBurns White Hot The Tubes / Vials are:Diameter- 3/4″ Height – 2 5/8″Crush ProofWater ProofAir tight lockWeather ProofHard Clear Plastic Unbreakable screw on capMade of Crystal Clear Polystyrene This Mag is Guaranteed to Light using your Flint Striker Sold ByVolume, Not Weight Very COMPACT for EMERGENCY SURVIVAL Situations NO Car, Truck, ATV, Motorcycle, Scooter, Boat Any Vehicle orEmergency Survival back Pack, BOB (Bug Out Bag), Camper or RV should be without some type of Emergency Survival Wood Starter KitGreat for Survival Preppers, Hikers, Hunting, Camping, Back Yard BBQ, OutdoorsYou HAVE to be Warm and Dry We also have Survival Back Packs MagnesiumStrike Anywhere Matches, Storm MatchesSurvival Blankets and Lots more Can also be used for Photography, Photo Flashesbecause it burns at a White Hot Flash. PAYMENT: PayPal, Credit Cards, e-Checks… SHIPPING: $FREE for the first 4 Tubes, $FREE for each additional 4 Tubes… Includes Shipping Confirmation and Tracking Number sent to your email… ALWAYS IN STOCK and READY TO SHIP… Per eBay because this is a “Fire Starter” No PO Boxes, if you have a PO Box, just add your Physical Address, but leave your PO BoxThe item will be shipped such that it complies with all USPS regulations and this item will be shipped ORM-D. This item MUST Ship GROUND and may take 7 to 10 Days to arrive. Ships to the Lower USA 48 ONLY, NO INTERNATIONAL SHIPPING. Requires a Physical Street Address. Christmasmagnesiun, magnessium, magnesuim, magnesiu, magnesim, magnesum, magnsium, manesiumstartor, startee, startter, sstarter, staretr, strater, satrter, starte, startr, starer, stater, sarter, tarterlit, jit, kut, kat, kitt, kt, it

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