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Push the button ….Feel the Heat! 6 Piece Pack
Reusable over and over again
Excellent source of portable heat


EZ Heat – 6 Pack

On those cold days within the great outdoors, EZ Heat can mean the difference between enjoying yourself and being miserable. The EZ Heat hand warmers provide 130°F of heat in seconds. This unique heat source is reusable and environmentally friendly. Unlike disposable air activated hand warmers, EZ Heat will also be recharged and used over and over again. Its portability makes it ideal for all out door activities. Secure instant heat on command. Anytime…anywhere. Heat lasts for approximately 30 minutes to 1 hour depending on usage.

To Activate: Flex (bend) the metal disk within the EZ Heat pack until crystals start to form.

To Recharge: Wrap pack in cloth and place in boiling water for 10 minutes. Cool before reactivating. Don’t microwave.
Push the button ….Feel the Heat! 6 Piece Pack
Reusable again and again
Excellent source of portable heat
Simply boil the heat pack to go back to “charged” state
Produces as much as 130 degrees F of heat in just 5 seconds

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