Genuine U.S. Military Cold Weather MRE Freeze Dried Food Case Of 12




*Menus posted below* Selling several cases of Cold Weather MREs that are from the military. These are great meals, very lightweight as they are freeze dried food. They taste great as well and come with many great snacks and goodies in addition to the meal. They have always been stored in a cool, dry place. These meals are great for anything, especially when staying outdoors for extended periods of time and where space may be limited. Menu 1: Spicy Oriental Chicken with Rice. Shortbread cookies, fig bar, Chocolate dairy shake powder, Grape gatorade powder. Menu 2: Beef Stroganoff with Noodles. Cranberries, Chocolate sports bar, Nut raisin mix, Cherry gatorade powder. Menu 3: Chili Mac with Beef: Toasted corn kernals, Cheese spread, Peanut M&Ms, Crackers, French Vanilla Cappuccino. Menu 4: Turkey Tetrazzini: Mocha desert bar, Cheese spread, Crackers, Orange gatorade powder. Menu 5: Chicken and Rice: Toasted corn kernels, Oatmeal cookie, Power bar, Mocha cappuccino. Menu 6: Seafood Chowder. Shortbread cookies, Hickory almonds, Nut raisin mix, Vegetable crackers, Grape gatorade powder. Menu 7: Beef Stew. Toasted corn kernels, Marble pound cake, Oatmeal cookie, Cherry gatorade powder. Menu 8: Spaghetti with Meat Sauce. Chocolate peanut spread, M&Ms, Nut raisin mix, Vegetable crackers, Lemonade powder. Menu 9: Rice and Chicken, Mexican Style. Shortbread cookies, Cranberries, Chocolate banana nut bread, Hickory almonds, Lemon lime gatorade powder. Menu 10: Eggs, Western Style. Cheese pretzels, Granola with milk and blue berries, Chocolate sports bar, Hot cocoa, Orange gatorade powder. Menu 11: Eggs with Bacon. Nut raisin mix, Fig bar, Oatmeal-strawberries and cream, Hot cocoa, Orange gatorade powder. Menu 12: Eggs, Western Style. Oatmeal-strawberries and cream, Brown sugar pastry (poptart), Hickory almonds, Strawberry dairy shake, Hot cocoa.


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