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“Practical and sized just right, for places where Google can’t at all times be summoned. Includes a guide to what’s edible for foragers and key illustrations, in addition to recipes.”

—The Washington Post

“A wealth of information about packing, trapping, and preparing food for treks and wilderness travels.”

—Grand Forks Herald

“Jam-packed with everything you wish to have to live to tell the tale and thrive out in the backcountry. A great way to introduce someone into the world of outside cooking and trapping.”

—Off Grid Survival

“Renowned outdoors expert Dave Canterbury’s book … will teach your bro everything he needs to know about surviving (and snacking) in the wild. And even if he’s more of an indoorsy-type fellow, this book makes a great coffee table/conversation piece.”


“There’s information on foods you’ll bring from home that don’t need refrigeration. The book shows how to use everything from a regular old fire to a solar stove and even your vehicle engine to prepare meals. There are many recipes throughout, too.”

—Pittsburgh Tribune-Review

“This handsome little book boasted an impressive range of topics. And after reading the whole thing, I was really pleased. The book was an easy read with lots of great drawings. This book would make a great gift for a Girl Scout or Boy Scout in your life, and the pro tips scattered throughout the book offer useful insights for even the most seasoned outdoor skills fanatic. Nice work, Mr. Canterbury! A great addition to the library of any outdoor enthusiast.”

—Outdoor Life

“Bushcraft allows you to experience the wonderful thing about the outdoors by living off the land. Dave Canterbury is an expert on this. His book…tells you everything you would have to know to not just live to tell the tale, but thrive in the wild.”

—Go Nomad

“Dave Canterbury…has now written a new survival book just for us campers who like to eat real food. Covers all the basics as well as some more advanced information that will help keep you fat and happy when away from mom’s home made cooking. All in all, Dave covers just about everything you wish to have in an effort to live to tell the tale off the land.”

—Guns & Gunsmiths

“This is a great book for any outdoors person. I especially loved the section on unconventional fuels and fuel tabs, and how to make a stove. This book will delight any Boy or Girl Scout as well as any survivalist or outdoorsman. I absolutely recommend this book.”

—Arizona Boating and Watersport

<a href="javascript:void(0)" data-action="a-expander-toggle" class="a-declarative" data-a-expander-toggle="one of the vital Top 12 Survival Schools in the United States. He has been published in Self Reliance Illustrated, New Pioneer, American Frontiersman, and Trapper’s World. Dave is the New York Times bestselling author of Bushcraft 101, Advanced Bushcraft, and The Bushcraft Guide to Trapping, Gathering, and Cooking in the Wild.

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